Across all my work, I bring to my practice specialist expertise in:

    • Existential analysis.
      Contrary to being seen as a problem that needs to be eradicated, anxiety in all its forms is welcomed as a precious guide in reaching and understanding the underlying difficulties you are experiencing in the way you are living your life.


    • Balancing work, life & technology.
      Exploring what work means to you, coping with conflicting demands, making sense of goals and priorities, getting clarity on what really matters, differentiating between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’, the impact of modern technology on quality of life.


    • Ethnicity, Cultural & Identity.
      Working with issues of inter-cultural relationships, belonging, feeling at home/abroad, ethnicity, culture, religion, self-image and identity.


    • Attunement for Motherhood.
      Exploring issues around pregnancy and becoming a mother; examining how you feel around topics such as, caring and responsibility, your changing body, financial adjustments, aspiration and career, shifting roles within relationships, independence and inter-dependency.


    • Executive Coaching